OCTiV - INFERNAL.RMX (Digital Album)


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Note: This release contains explicit lyrics

Bass-Metal mastermind (and suspected mythological demon) OCTiV is revisiting the ominous world of his INF3RN4L EP in this multi-genre follow up remix album, and he's brought along his dark acolytes to help relight the altar. As Code: Pandorum lights the first candle, a deep and gutteral scream echoes through the chamber as the walls shake from the sound of Celldweller's intense and melodic vocals mix seamlessly with a full-frontal bass assault that is INF3RN4L. As the dust settles, Moth lights the next candle, and the alter is now illuminated. You think you hear whispers telling you terrible things, but it's hard to make out over the tribal drums, buzzsaw basslines and unsettling vibe of the Deathstep remix of Dark One. Two candles labeled Vitcode are both lit simultaneously, one as a heavy speed metal and electronic mashup from Bratkilla and the other as the more sound-design oriented, ritualistic electronic banger from Noya. Just as the intensity begins to become overwhelming, Freddy Todd and Curious Kontrol both step up and light the final candles with more chill and atmospheric, but equally energetic glitch hop and drum & bass remixes of Eden.

Their work is now complete. The INF3RN4L.RMX EP has been summoned. The only question now is - can you handle it?

Release Date: October 30th, 2014

Total Album Time: 00:24:21

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