OCTiV - INFERNAL (Digital Album)


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Note: This release contains explicit lyrics

The 'next step' for most artists with only a handful of singles to their name is to put together an EP. Many such EPs, however, contain tracks of only incidental relation, each being a separate and isolated sketch of dance floor mechanics. It takes an artist of vision and zeal to supersede this pattern, and OCTiV has shattered that mold with INFERNAL. These six songs constitute the groundwork of an audacious narrative that will unfurl through multi-media channels in the months to come. Drawing on sci-fi futurism, Biblical mythology, and existential philosophy, INFERNAL tells a cataclysmic tale that brings mankind to the brink of extinction. If your last hope was the deepest evil, what would you choose? The Black Magic Galaxy awaits your decision.

Features guest vocals from Celldweller, ForeverKID, and 'O'!

Release Date: December 10th, 2013

Total Album Time: 00:59:34

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