Please Welcome Rockman to the FiXT Roster

Please Welcome Rockman to the FiXT Roster


It’s about the time the FiXT Family grows. With experienced Drum & Bass DJ Christian Bruna now a full-time A&R rep for FiXT, we’re going to be bringing you a lot of new tunes from a lot of new faces in 2012, and we are starting with Rockman. Rockman is a producer in New York who has a handful of 8-bit chiptunes under his belt, but lately he’s turned his guns on the Dubstep genre and we liked what we heard. Rockman’s brand new Search & Destroy EP is OUT NOW on FiXT, and we spoke with Rockman a bit to give you the listener a feel for this new addition to our label.

FiXT: First, give me a bit of personal history – where’d you come from, and where are you now?

Rockman: I am from Colombia originally but now I am based in Brooklyn, New York.

FiXT: How recently did you move to NYC?

Rockman: One year ago. Before that I’d been touring diferent countries in South America. I first came to NYC 2 years ago when I was booked for Camouflage NYC and Pulsewave NYC (on the 8bit/chip music scene), and I fell in love with this place! That’s when I decided to move to NYC.

FiXT: Ah, Camouflage, so that’s how you know our Christian Bruna? [ed. note: Christian ran Camouflage, a weekly D'n'B club night, for thirteen years.]

Rockman: That’s the first time I played for his Camouflage weeklies, but actually I met him before that in Buenos Aires, Argentina, something like 3 years ago. We where playing for Mas160 Drum & Bass weeklies down there.

FiXT: So what originally inspired you to make your own music?

Rockman: Prodigy, Aphex Twin and Autechre. IDM music and old school 8-bit videogame sounds totally inspired me to do my own beats back in the late 90s. Also, Ronny Size and some other old school D’n'B producers made me fall in love with the breakbeat music scene.

FiXT: What was your first step? What equipment or software did you first start learning to use?

Rockman: I started using Fruity Loops but I didn’t like it so much, so I tried every single program I could – Reason, Logic, Protools – and finally I found my way on Logic (I think). I always used Roland hardware machines and some Korgs, too: MC-505, MC-303, SP-808, Korg Electribes and Korg Kaos Pads. I used to listen to a lot of digital hardcore so I used all these machines in company with a female singer. We had a live digital hardcore band in 2003 called Digital Horror, we made a lot of noise in Colombia hahah! But I forgot to tell you, before all this sampling and sequencing music I used to be the guitar player for my grunge hardcore band called Esquizofrenia, and I used to play drums and bass (for sessions and to help my other friends’ bands), and I was also the lead singer of a grindcore metal band. So I had all those underground rock/hardcore projects first.

FiXT: Fantastic! So your experience and talent is fairly diverse, and you bring a lot of influences and abilities to your Rockman tunes. If I’m not mistaken, that’s you playing some guitar on the title track from this new EP, correct?

Rockman: Yeah, I play guitar on some of the tunes on the Search & Destroy EP. And I also designed some guitar synth sounds with Massive to give my guitar some more “power” – but not too much haha!

FiXT: So are you creating music full-time, or do you do anything else to pay the bills?

Rockman: Music, music, music and noise full time.

FiXT: Great! So now that this EP is out, what’s coming next?

Rockman: I’m working on some new tunes for the next EP – heavy electro house, some IDM Drum & Bass, and of corse Dubstep.

FiXT: Sounds good, I look forward to hearing it! And do you have any live appearances coming up that we can let people know about?

Rockman: I played around the US last year: Miami, Boston, LA, Philly, but most of my gigs are in NYC and New Jersey. I play at Drum & Bass and 8bit events and underground raves. Here are a couple upcoming raves and D’n'B parties I’ll be at:

Automatik Presents: 9x’s 40th Birthday and The Last Automatik
May 17th, The National Underground, 159 E. Houston, New York, NY

May 18th/19th, The Pavillion Lounge, Budd Lake, New Jersey

Rockman - Search & Destroy EP
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Interview conducted by BrentonRyan

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