Control Releases “The Resistance” (MP3 Album)

Control Releases “The Resistance” (MP3 Album)

Control - The Resistance (MP3 Album)

Control – The Resistance (MP3 Album)

Release Date: April 18, 2012
GenreIndustrial | Rhythmic Noise | Power Electronics

The Resistance offers a good balance of densely layered forceful electronics with dark ambient undercurrents, occasionally rhythmic pulses and offensive vocals filtered through diverging effects. The voice is never used as an overbearance or focal point, but as one of the many aural textures. Control never sacrifices the music or the emotional weight on the altar of rhetoric – it is his intention to arouse the listener with almost cinematic moods, creating a sonic environment where nothing good seems possible for people who might inhabit it.

Control has moved to the top of the power electronics pantheon for good reason. He is talented enough to accumulate power noise with death / ambient industrial and to create fascinating arcs of suspense, making you pay attention until the last second. His passion for detail means full focus is required – a must for maximum appreciation.