New Contests Announced For FiXT Remix

New Contests Announced For FiXT Remix

As some of our FiXT Remix community may have noticed over the last few months, activity has picked up drastically.  There have been some “administrative changes” as well as an increase in activity on FiXT’s end.  This is the result of us deciding to take a new approach to a number of things on the site.  The number of contests active at any given time is one of these things we have changed recently and I’d like to give some insight as to why.

Before, while FiXT Remix was in its earlier growth stages, we felt that hosting less contests would yield better results in the number of remixes submitted and the overall quality of mixes submitted.  What we ultimately discovered was that folks didn’t need 2 to 3 months for one contest and the overall quality was really unaffected.  What we also saw as a result was a drop in the overall activity on the site because we weren’t providing enough ‘new’ or ‘fresh’ content for users.  This resulted in less people coming back each week/month that went by browsing the contests and the submitted mixes, and that resulted in less feedback and less interaction between the community members.

Our new approach to invigorate the community is to provide more content, more contests, and more interaction than ever before.  You will see far more mix reviews from the administration and moderators, the most contests active at one time ever, and now weekly news posts featuring things happening in the community and behind the scenes!

It is with great pleasure that I can present to you all the latest batch of contests to come to FiXT Remix!

-Ry [FiXT]

Celldweller:  Gift For You – Contest Ends Feb. 24, 2012

Mark Instinct ft. Radrock:  Off the Chain – Contest Ends Jan. 10, 2012

Blue Stahli:  Anti You – Contest Ends January 24, 2012

J Scott G ft. Adam Lambert Live The Life – Contest Ends December 17, 2011