The FiXT Store Must Have List: 2010′s Top 30 Releases

The FiXT Store Must Have List: 2010′s Top 30 Releases

We’ve added a LOT of music to the FiXT Store in the past year in a variety of genres. Here are the top 30 that are our personal staff favorites or that have outperformed everything else in the store. Most have been given a discount between 10 and 50 percent for the month of January in the FiXT Store!

Celldweller – Soundtrack For The Voices In My Head Vol. 2 (Chapter 01)

Soundtrack for the Voices in my Head Vol. 2 (Chapter 1) both meets and transcends the expectations placed on the followup to Celldweller’s first album of instrumental soundtrack material. These songs are every bit as epic as those on the prior volume, with thick, pounding guitar riffs that drive the action, sweeping symphonic strings (provided by James Dooley on “The Wings of Icarus”) that heighten the emotions, and complex electronic flourishes that embellish and polish the raw power of the songs. However, this first chapter of the next SVH takes the listener beyond the territory of Volume 1 and into new regions of Celldweller’s sound; heavy, gritty bass and guitar in “Pulsar” bring Celldweller as close to alternative metal as he’s been, and the chapter closer, “Adrift on Celestial Seas”, introduces an altogether unprecedented dynamic of peaceful, warm ambience and gentle whispers of percussion that shift and stretch over a twenty minute period, evoking inviting vistas of celestial wonder. Klayton continues to gather steam as Celldweller shifts into ever higher gear, and 2011 promises to be twice as interesting for eager fans as 2010 was.

On sale for $2.99!

Celldweller – Wish Upon A Blackstar Chapter 03

“The Lucky One” and “Tainted,” Chapter 03′s title tracks, continue to show the range and diversity that Celldweller has historically delivered. “Tainted,” a dark and deliberate story driven song, is unique in that it’s “…one of the quickest (songs) I’ve ever written, and probably contains the least amount of tracks I’ve ever had in a session…” (Klayton/Celldweller). The latter part of the statement should be taken with a grain of salt, however, because “Tainted” still has a robust track count around 60. “The Lucky One,” a unique beast of its own, can be seen as the lovechild of electro‐house married with metal and huge vocals. The track features hundreds of guest vocalists from fan submissions around the world. “I always envisioned big gang vocals for the chorus of the song, and the idea struck me to invite fans to contribute their voice to the track…”, states Klayton. Every vocalist included will be credited in the liner notes – providing a truly unique experience for fans to actually be a part of the music they love.

On sale for $4.99!

Blue Stahli – Corner

Corner, Blue Stahli’s sixth single, was the last stop before the full length Stahli album, due for release in early 2011. Corner exhibits all we’ve come to expect from Stahli. Menacing bass-line grooves set the scene for huge metal guitar riffs, and Bret’s agile vocal work will in one moment match the aggressiveness of the guitar attack but in the next will contrast it with smooth melody. And, once again, top-notch production and electronic flourishes take what would be simply a great rock song and bring it up to a level of hybrid wonder that says, in no uncertain terms, that Stahli is more than worthy of your attention. That full length album is destined to be a huge and heavy hitter.

On sale for $2.99!

Squarehead – Voltage Controlled Body Music

Sebastian Komor (Icon of Coil, Zombie Girl, Komor Kommando, Moonitor, and Melt) teased fans for almost two years with a pair of infectious advance singles and remixes before dropping this gargantuan sixteen-track album of expertly produced Hard Techno. For fans knowledgable of Komor’s vast catalog of remixes and production credits, it should come as no surprise that the Squarehead album delivers a near perfect experience. We’re especially fond of “Idiot”, featuring guest vocals and guitar by Klayton.

On sale for $6.99!

Voicians – escApe

Voicians is proud to present his third release and first full-length album, escApe! Featuring fifteen tracks of excellent hybrid electronic/rock/D&B and guest vocals from Martin Harp and Joulz. After having proved himself a rising young star at FiXT Remix with a number of fan-voted and staff-chosen favorite mixes of Celldweller, Voicians began to release his own solo material, and escApe shows the German producer to be continually improving upon his prior efforts. We include escApe here as a shining example of the promising talent emerging in the new era of indie, D.I.Y. production and recording. Don’t miss FiXT News’s interview with Voicians from earlier this year!

On sale for $5.99!

The Luna Sequence – After Sunfall

Indie electro-rocker The Luna Sequence is back with a new EP of fierce hybrid D’n'B with heavy guitars and hard drums overlaid with melodic synths. By now well established, like Voicians, as a FiXT Remix icon, The Luna Sequence does not disappoint with this latest offering of originals; After Sunfall rocks a little harder and feels just a bit more cohesive than previous offerings, indicating that even better things will come from Kaia Young in the future. We salute her accomplishments! Read our FiXT News interview with The Luna Sequence about After Sunfall and more!

On sale for $1.99!

K3M 53cK5d11N – [eMerGe-n-EvoLve]

Kem Secksdiin, at first part of the live Celldweller back up in 2004/2005, went on to release one of FiXT’s early hits, the Subkulture “Erasus” single. In 2010 Kem served up this solo album of material written over the past five years. Listeners can expect an aggressive meld of alternative metal and industrial with versatile dips into other genres such as drum’n'bass and trance. The album features guest appearances from James Breed (Crossbreed) and F@mu$ (aka Famus, also known for work with XXX Car Ride).

On sale for $4.99!

Alessio Nero Argento – Self-Control Juice Manifesto

Alessio Nero Argento came out of nowhere with this debut album that quickly became a runaway best seller in the FiXT Store. Working completely indie and covering all aspects of the recording, Self Control Juice Manifesto, which mixes electro-rock with nu-metal, and it is clear that fans can expect bigger and better things from Alessio in the years to come.

On sale for $6.99!

Polyfuse – Output

Polyfuse is a multi-faceted project; creator Justin McGrath has rounded out his repertoire with post-industrial dance, ambient, and acid techno, all with a unique and unmistakable analog flavor and top notch production that set Polyfuse ahead of everything else in the neighborhood. On Output, McGrath returns to his acid techno aspect, created on a minimal analog studio setup. After witnessing a live Polyfuse acid show earlier last year, FiXT staff knew this was an artist to watch out for, one who reaches back into techno’s analog past as much as he seeks out electronic music’s future.

On sale for $3.00!

Android Lust – The Human Animal

Four years after her praiseworthy third album on Projekt Records, industrial wonder-woman Shikhee returns with The Human Animal, a journey through the psyche of man as man realizes the futility of living in the grips of ego and surrenders to seek answers within. The Human Animal sees Shikhee collaborating with her live band for the first time in a studio release, giving it an unexpected organic warmth while maintaining her trademark machine edge that cuts uncomfortably if you dare to let it in. In an era of unprecedented volumes of forgettable, cookie-cutter EBM and industrial rock, Android Lust holds aloft the torch of truly solid musicianship and songwriting; The Human Animal does not for a second conform to the tired tropes we’ve come to expect from this genre and should be in every industrial fan’s listening queue.

On sale for $7.99 ($9.60 on CD)!

Niveau Zero – In_Sect

The first full length album by France’s best known dubstep export, In_Sect is a boundary-free wild ride through the many forms of modern bass music. Featuring collaborations with such artists as Ben Sharpa, Broken Note, Hecq and The Unik, it is a new statement of Niveau Zero’s talent and his take at concert hall-friendly heavy tracks. Heavy dubstep, hip-hop, metal and breaks collide here to form a massive and addictive collection. An ear-opener against musical sectarianism, as well as a perfect album to spin or dance to – this album has been topping lists and receiving acolades all year for very good reasons.

On sale for $8.99!

Hecq – Sura

Sura is the long-awaited release of Hecq’s most energized tracks, which he has been performing live in recent times. This multi-talented stakhanovite of audio production turns dubstep into an exhilarating new beast in which the gargantuan basses come armed with sharp metal beats. The result is a record of epic proportions, a redeeming encounter of the dancefloor and pristine audio production. Long-time Hecq fans know Ben Lukas Boysen as a master programmer of glitched out IDM with spacey ambience and airy synths, and this EP proves that when he applies his chops to other genres there’s no stopping his dominance; “Sura” is hands down the best dubstep track we heard all year.

On sale for $2.57!

Broken Note – Flood

Subwoofers and ear drums beware: Broken Note are back, angrier and louder than ever. With Flood, this British act delivers a four track of their sharpest yet heaviest material so far. It’s been said that their music was metal turned into breakcorish dubstep: this description has never fit them so well. Compact, massive, earth-shattering and genre-defining: Flood is to be seen as a particularly tasty plate from Broken Note and a pivotal record for hard(er) hitting dubstep. The duo have been considered one of the top heavy dubstep production units for a couple years now, and Flood proves that they are only getting better.

On sale for $3.56!

Igorrr – Nostril

Prepare for some spastic thrashing and epic vocalizing: Igorrr might very well be the great white hope of whatever-core. With Nostril, this French musician draws from his impressive recording experience to create a dense and particularly wild ride that puts enthusiasm and energy back in your stereo: fast beats, sudden breaks, majestic moments, the whole thing crystal clear and more detailed than the most roccoco paintings. Some have dubbed this “barroque-core”, a strange concoction of breakcore, metal, D’n'B, and repurposed baroque classical music. Whatever it is, we absolutely love it. Nostril bends and mixes genres and shows that innovation does still happen.

On sale for $8.99!

Matta – Prototype

Compiling the tracks from both of Matta’s vinyl records for Ad Noiseam, their appraised remix for Hecq, two older tunes and a brand new one, Prototype is a way to look at the short but already very rich past of this British duo. The ten tracks of this CD confirm not only the sheer efficiency of Matta’s material, but also its very detailed, deep and sharp nature. A colossal, multifaceted and remarkable first full-length snapshot for this rising act, Prototype achieves noteworthiness by standing neck and neck with Ad Noiseam’s other great releases of dubstep and breakcore this year.

On sale for $8.91!

Subheim – No Land Called Home

Subheim’s second album is a theatre of transformations and relocations: acoustic and organic sound have taken to the front of the stage, providing this act’s introspective and grandiose songs with a more humane touch. Combined with delicate vocals and emotional strings, the deep melodies and remaining electronic elements from a mesmerizing album. This land which is not to be called home is an opulent, darkly fascinating one, mapped here into a collection of remarkable and rewarding songs. This beautifully composed album offers a more than suitable counterpoint to the heavier offerings on our list.

On sale for $8.99!

Empty – Surfacing

Surfacing is the long awaited debut album from Empty which represents a whole new realm of sound by integrating organic emotion with raw elements of desperation and melodic electronics. Featuring fourteen immersive tracks moulded from a variety of genres including Electro-Industrial, Drum & Bass and Glitch, Surfacing offers the listener a unique auditory experience with a wide range of vocal styles and varying structural paces. Empty paved the way with three EPs that promised good things in store, and Surfacing makes good on that promise.

Access To Arasaka – Void

After the out-of-nowhere success of his debut CD Oppidan in 2009, the Rochester, NY producer Access To Arasaka returns a year later, stronger and more focused than ever, with a stunning new album on Tympanik Audio titled void();. Sixteen new tracks of dark sonic futurism inspired by the history and future of system hacking. From the phone phreaks to the console cowboys; dirty hippies using blue boxes at payphones 40 years ago, to the unborn children wandering cyberspace 40 years from now. An open invitation for the listener to imagine what a computer might attempt to comprehend when its system is under such an attack. Perfectly dark, cinematic, complex, and hauntingly surreal.

On sale for $7.49!

Iris – Blacklight

Taking elements of rock, glitch, retro electronic, and coloring it with a decidedly melodic worldview, Iris is a band that’s hard to classify. Since 2002, Reagan Jones and Andrew Sega have been working under the radar with a sound that conjures a collision between mid-90′s Depeche Mode, post-punk, and the spirit of old country songs. Never ones to rest on their laurels, their fourth studio release, Blacklight, is a darkly progressive affair – 9 songs of haunting, crisply produced tracks, mixing 4AD-esque atmospheres with tight, firm beats.

On sale for $4.99 ($6.00 on CD)!

Iszoloscope – The Edge Of Certainty

Iszoloscope’s new full length album, recorded between 2007 and 2010, is proof that waiting is worthwhile. Nine powerful tracks ranging between icy crystal clear technoid industrial to merciless rhythmic distortion, from breakbeats to breakcore, from dark ambient to complex electronica – go find out what lies beyond the edge of certainty! Iszoloscope is a legend in rhythmic noise/technoid circles, and with four years going by since his last major release, The Edge Of Certainty was ecstatically welcomed, as were the two extended singles (with B-sides and remixes) that came with it. Do not miss this fascinating project!

On sale for $7.13!

Meat Beat Manifesto – Answers Come In Dreams

Jack Dangers, the mastermind behind Meat Beat Manifesto, has already established his reputation as a legendary figure in electronic music. With classic albums such as Storm The Studio, Armed Audio Warfa, Satyricon, In Dub, and 2008’s Autoimmune, MBM has never stopped evolving and influencing the musical landscape. Over the course of its existence, MBM has been labeled industrial, techno, breakbeat, IDM, Acid House, Drum N’ Bass, Dubstep, and more. No label seems to stick, as the music evolves with every release. With the new album, Answers Come In Dreams, Mr. Dangers once again expands on the Meat Beat Manifesto sound. Hypnotically beautiful, the album pulses with life. It pretty much goes without saying that a new MBM release will be one of the most essential albums of that year; Answers Come In Dreams is no exception.

The Birthday Massacre – Pins And Needles

Combining their interests in various musical and artistic styles, the The Birthday Massacre creates a captivating hybrid of 80s electronica and aggressive guitars, curiously fused with cinematically dark melodic progressions. With the new album entitled Pins And Needles, The Birthday Massacre further refines the unique sound explored on the bands highly acclaimed previous albums: Walking With Strangers, Violet, and the classic debut Nothing and Nowhere. From the opening notes of the lead off track “In The Dark” to the closing chimes of “Secret”, it is evident that Pins And Needles is The Birthday Massacre at its collective best. The interplay of driving guitar and rhythm sections, the captivating vocals, and atmospheric keyboards envelop listener. With Pins And Needles, The Birthday Massacre once again lead us down the rabbit hole, and once again invite us the explore the magical wonderland it has created.

Combichrist – Making Monsters

Where many acts reach a certain level of success and rest on their reputations, Combichrist’s Andy LaPlegua returned to the studio with a fist full of inspiration and a whole lot of nothing to prove. With the new album Making Monsters, LaPlegua emerges a more vital beast, stripped of all pretensions. The new album is raw, visceral, and seething with uncompromising urgency. In pushing forward, Combichrist’s playfully sinister facade is torn away. What is exposed underneath is an uncompromising expression of lust, anger, pain, and hate personified. Making Monsters is laden with hook heavy choruses, speaker crushing beats, and dark, aggressive vocals. The first single “Never Surrender” is bound to rule the dance floors along with other floor stompers “They” and “Throat Full of Glass”. The song “Follow the Trail of Blood” (featuring Brandan Schiepatti of Bleeding Through) is an anthem of aggression, and will immediately become a crowd favorite. The brooding “Reclamation” and “Through These Eyes of Pain” show us another side of Combichrist, that of the man inside the monster. With Making Monsters, Combichrist evolves beyond the demon it was, into an unrelenting, malevolent force in music.

IAMX – Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction

The Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction is “a place where the aches and pains of banality can be relieved. Vices, insecurities, stupidities cured. A little bit like Disney world but with lipstick, cynicism and wit.” (Chris Corner, The Sneaker Pimp’s Chris Corner hit North American shores in 2009 when Metropolis released his first two efforts under the name IAMX. Kiss + Swallow and The Alternative garnered a lot of media attention, while he recruited new fans on his near capacity tour dates. IAMX’s third album, Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction, builds upon his previous releases with his ideologies and sociological confrontationalism. He deconstructs not only society’s whims and downfalls, but his own as well. “I love you, I hate you, me, myself, and Mr X” coming from the opening track makes the listener uneasy and attentive to what he has to say. The 11 track album is a monument to behold as it welcomes you to the Kingdom Of Welcome Addition.

Front Line Assembly – Improvised.Electronic.Device.

Over the past 24 years, Front Line Assembly has become heralded as one of the godfathers of industrial music. Their 1992 album Tactical Neural Implant is still considered the best of the best in the genre. Throughout the years, the band has seen many line-up changes, but Bill Leeb remains the constant behind the band. Four years ago, FLA released Artificial Soldier which many fans engaged as one of the band’s top five albums. For 2010, they have returned with the brand new album Improvised.Electronic.Device. The new songs demonstrate that FLA has not lost its edge over the past almost two and a half decades. And as if Front Line Assembly’s legacy and namesake alone weren’t enough for the album, Al Jougensen from Ministry contributes his vocals to “Stupidity.”

Cyanotic – The Medication Generation

A conceptual effort, The Medication Generation is based on the making of the album itself, exploring the lives of Cyanotic and those around them, as seen through the eyes of frontman Sean Payne over the past three years. Twisting between cycles of self-destruction, over-stimulation and moments of clarity polluted by mass media and present day society, Cyanotic’s sonic ADD makes The Medication Generation a defining record for heavy electronic music. An eagerly awaited album that was originally to have been released in 2009, The Medication Generation made up for the long delay with perfectly dialed in attacks of industrial metal.

On sale for $6.99 (9.00 on CD)!

Systemshock – Virus-Electro

Synthematik presents the highly anticipated debut album from the up and coming aggro-industial / electro newcomers Systemshock! Formed in the early 2009 in Omsk, Russia, the band attracted immediate attention of the local scene with their self-released EP Liquid Crystal. Now, a year after, they are striking back with a full-length release Virus-Electro! This new release proved a big hit for fans of Celldweller, Blue Stahli, Dope Stars Inc. etc. with its synthesis of metal and electro.

On sale for $4.99!

iVardensphere – Bloodwater

iVardensphere’s goals are simple: the creation of music that will make you move. Judging by fans’ rabid reactions, it’s working in spades. Bloodwater is the band’s sophomore album on Synthetic Sounds and has made waves with its powerful, rhythmic harsh EBM.

On sale for $8.89!

Brian McBride – The Effective Disconnect

From Brian McBride: When George and Myriam approached me to compose for their film they suggested I concentrate on four different themes: the gloriousness of the bees, the endurance and hardships of traditional beekeepers, pesticides and the holistic nature of non-industrial agriculture. I was especially intrigued with the idea of combining some of their mournful aspirations with something more serene. Composing began in May of 2009. I had decided to start fresh not using anything that I had already recorded. Preparing the music for the film, I knew that I needed to provide more built-in changes in the structure of the pieces to give George and Myriam more flexibility. As I worked, I purposely distanced myself from the more continuous architecture employed in my previous recordings in favor of several mini-suites. In the thinking about the music, I hoped that the pieces would do justice to the ‘gloriousness of the bees’ theme, striving for a more overt hopeful quality. But old traditions die-hard and the hopeful side of the music was eventually more subsumed by the lamentable.

Position Music – Orchestral Series Vol. 05 – Christmas: Coming Soon

Action! Adventure! Magic! Horror! Fun! Christmas? We done gone and dropped our Colossal Orchestral Cues in a vat of Egg Nog… This is one of our favorite releases and we are so excited about this album. Position Music’s star composer, James Dooley and newest additions, Geoff Zanelli and Matt Margeson, deliver magical intros, swirling strings, joyous adventures, and epic ‘back-ends’ done Christmas. A wide variety of holiday madness including adventure, action, dark, twisted, and magical… you will be whisked away to the Candy Cane forests flying in Santa’s haunted sleigh and dodging villainous elves!

On sale for $7.99 (12.77 on CD)!